Project Overview

e-Suen is an online international jewellery store with beautiful contemporary pieces. The project is a full-fledged e-Commerce store. The client also specially requested for a creative feature built into the website to allow users to create their own necklace design.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to create the engine that powers the Necklace Builder. It has to be able to display the necklace chains and multiple pendants selected by the user. It also has to be able to save the user’s selections or be able to add directly to their shopping cart.

The Solution

For the e-Commerce engine, Magento was used to power to online store due to its stability, security and robust features. To address the challenge of building a Necklace Builder from scratch, we quickly did some research and prototyped an early example for testing. The client immediately loved what they saw!

Encouraged, we continued to improve and refine the Necklace Builder and even went above and beyond to simulate realistic physics such as the swinging movement of the chain and pendants. All these while taking into consideration the size and weight of the pendants and chain. And the rest as they say, is history.

Create your personalized necklace by selecting a chain and pendants
Preview your creation. Realistically simulate your necklace’s movements by dragging or pulling on it
The pieces used in your creation are shown in this selection summary
Save your creation or directly add to shopping cart
Save and share your creation on social media