Project Overview

Tricor Senedi was presented with the opportunity to create Sunway Pyramid’s online interactive fashion campaign. The goal is to delight users and drive excitement for the month-long campaign with a vibrant website equipped with a virtual dressing room. Sunway Pyramid is one of Malaysia’s leading shopping malls.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to create the engine that powers the virtual dressing room. It has to cater to specific requirements such as drag-and-drop positioning, resizable clothing items and realistic physics. The other challenge was illustrating human models of various shapes, colours and sizes to mirror the true diversity of the human race. With a go-live deadline in 2 month’s time, the team rolled up their sleeves and started creating.

Start your creation by selecting brands or categories
Select fashion items to mix & match
Admire your creation in the real-time preview pane
Summary of fashion pieces selected
Save and share your creation on social media

The Solution

To produce the results that we desired, a bespoke virtual dressing room was the only way to go. It was fully built from scratch using custom programming in PHP and Javascript to allow us the power, flexibility, speed and realism needed to drive user engagement.

The first thing we did was to agree on scope: there would be male and female models, each with three different skin tones and three different body shapes/sizes. That would mean 2x3x3=18 different models. We would also create a variety of hairstyles, eyes and lips for both the male and female models. Clothing items and accessories were painstakingly resized and cropped individually. Finally, the website’s art direction was set to delight and wow the user.