Project Overview

After completing the corporate identity and branding exercise for the Two J 29 @ HIVE’s business lounge, a loyalty program was requested to continue building the brand to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

The Challenge

How does a business lounge stand out in a crowded marketplace, attract new customers and retain existing ones, while conveying a sense of modernity and class?

The Solution

During the initial stage, a physical loyalty card was quickly designed to meet the need. It was to be a short-term solution while the loyalty app was being developed. A loyalty app is the natural fit for the brand’s values of modernity, class and forward-thinking.

For the loyalty app, the core experience will be the stamp collection and rewards redemption, with other modules like promotions being secondary. To cater to this, the entire app was designed around the main stamp collection screen. It has a beautiful ticker that highlights the amount of stamps to go for the next free redemption to spur user engagement.

Amount of stamps to reach the next redemption
Tap to flip to personalized QR Code for cashier scanning
Summary of stamps collected and rewards available for redemption