Project Overview

Urbanscapes returns to our team once again in 2016 to design and develop their creative arts festival website for the third festival running. Being the premier creative arts festival in Malaysia, brand identity and creativity are crucial for this project.

The Challenge

The Urbanscapes team felt that they should maintain a consistent look and identity across all future Urbanscapes festivals starting with Urbanscapes 2016. A stable, future-proofed and yet stylish WordPress template will have to be carefully evaluated and tested before design and development starts.

The Solution

For a creative arts festival website, design, interactivity and imagery plays a huge part to convey the hype and excitement of the much awaited festival. A WordPress theme that is suitable for such an image-heavy website was chosen. It allows future-proofing for upcoming festivals with its range of features, speed and stability. Based on a solid base to work with, the team set off to design, develop and deliver one of the best festival websites Malaysia has ever seen which was very well-received by the public.